Peristyle Cave Cappadocia has 8 rooms in total, including five caves and three stone rooms. Our rooms are named after the planets Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Earth, and Venus.

Suite Stone

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is the god of merchants, shepherds, travelers and thieves in Roman mythology. Mercury’s counterpart in Greek mythology is Hermes.


Suite Cave

The planet Neptune, with its own unique decoration, cave concept, located on the second floor, with valley and balloon view


Turkish Cave

The planet Saturn, where traditional Turkish bath, fireplace and cave structure meet in one room


King Cave

The planet Jupiter, with its jacuzzi in its large bathroom, its rock-carved structure and walls crowned with ceramic decorations.


Deluxe Cave

The planet Mars, where the spacious living area, the indispensable winter fireplace, is in harmony with the high ceiling cave concept.


Superior Cave

The planet Uranus, where historical touches and handmade decoration, high ceiling and jacuzzi are combined in the cave


Suite Stone

The planet Earth, with valley and balloon view, arched, second floor Cappadocia stone structure and large seating area


Superior Queen

The planet Venus, which has a jacuzzi in the room with a unique valley view, high ceiling, decorated with ceramic touches